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Tuesday, October 20

1:00 PM

Digging into shifting family dynamics with Disney

Cathy Gallant and Lisa Dracolakis from Disney Channels Worldwide will break down how family dynamics have shifted with COVID-19 turning many kids' home lives into their only lives. We'll also look at where friends still fit in, and what producers need to think about when reflecting these new at-home realities on screen.


Lisa Dracolakis
Vice President, Content Insights
Disney Channel World Wide

Cathy Gallant
Executive Director, Consumer Insights
Disney Channel World Wide

Thursday, October 22

1:00 PM

Mapping pandemic play patterns with MarketCast Kids

Play is forever evolving, but the lack of face-to-face interaction with friends has accelerated a number of kid lifestyle shifts to digital that were already in motion. Is it time to say goodbye to make-believe and real-life toys, or will everything return to normal again once kids can get together again? Join us as we explore the long-term implications of these seismic changes to the way kids spend their free time.


Tiffany Aguilar
Vice President, Research & Strategy
MarketCast Kids

Tuesday, October 27

1:00 PM

Exploring the shared trauma impact of COVID-19 on Gen Alpha

Anxiety amongst Gen Alphas was already on the rise, but COVID-19 has shifted that stress into overdrive. Human Branding CEO Johanna Faigelman will dive into new research exploring how kids are coping, and the many ways in which a shared generational trauma will inevitably shape how they group up.


Johanna Faigelman
Founding Partner and CEO
Human Branding

Thursday, October 29

1:00 PM

Who will be hotter than superheroes and influencers post-pandemic?

Step aside, superheroes and Instagram stars—kids are looking at doctors, nurses and front-line workers in a whole new light these days. Kids Insights Research & Trends Director Sarah Riding introduces us to the new heroes and idols kids want to be like, diving into which ones are most likely to have staying power.


Sarah Riding
Research & Trends Director
Kids Insights

Tuesday, November 3

1:00 PM

Tracking content selection during the pandemic with Dubit

Adam Woodgate and David Kleeman from Dubit tackle these burning questions: How has COVID-19 changed the way kids choose platforms and content? And which discovery and selection behaviors are simply never going back to the way things were?


David Kleeman
SVP, Global Trends
Dubit Ltd.

Adam Woodgate
SVP, Media Insights

Thursday, November 5

1:00 PM

Charting the divide between digital and IRL with YouTube

As the social and educational parts of kid life continue to migrate to digital, the balance between online and offline has changed drastically in a very short timeframe. Lauren Glaubach, YouTube's Head of Kids & Family Content, breaks down viewing trends she's seeing now, how kids are blending digital and IRL like never before, and which habits will likely stick around post-pandemic.


Lauren Glaubach
Director, Head of Family Partnerships & Programming



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